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5 Fun Ways to Side Hustle This Summer
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5 Fun, Offbeat Ways to Side Hustle This Summer

Jackie Lam


Working a side hustle doesn't have to take away from the fun you could be having during the summer months. These five side hustles offer flexibility and a refreshing break from the routine of your regular day job:


1. Dog Sitting and Dog Walking

If you're an animal lover, why not spend time with dogs as a professional dog sitter or dog walker? You can get your dose of canine companionship and easily log your 10,000 steps a day. To get started, set up a profile on online pet-sitting and walking platforms such as, Rover or Wag.


How much you can expect to make as a dog sitter largely depends on where you live and your level of expertise. For instance, you typically can earn more as a dog sitter and dog walker in large, urban areas and cities than in rural places. According to Glassdoor, the average wage for a dog walker on Wag is $15 per hour. If you work six hours a week, you can earn $90 a week. Work 12 hours and that's $180 in your pocket.



2. Mystery Shopper

By signing up as a mystery shopper, you can get paid to eat at restaurants and shop at retailers. Marketing companies and third parties hire mystery shoppers to gather information with the goal of helping improve the customer experience.


Depending on the company and specifics of an assignment, you might be asked to make a purchase, return the item and then provide an evaluation. You can sign up on platforms such as Secret Shopper, Market Force and GBW. You can make anywhere from $8 to $25 per visit, plus receive reimbursements for purchases.



3. Live Audience Member

If you live in a city such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, where TV tapings are common, you can get paid to be a live audience member. Whether it's a game show, live taping of a competition or a courtroom series, you can get paid either an hourly rate or a flat day rate. You can set up a profile free of charge and scour job listings on Standing Room Only and Onset Productions.


To qualify, you'll need to meet certain criteria, have the proper attire and a reliable means of transport to the filming site. Note that the company might take a cut of your earnings, so check beforehand before signing up. What's more, the tapings usually take at least four hours. If you have a full-time job, weekends might work best.



4. Focus Groups and Studies

Want to get paid for trying a brand of chewing gum that has yet to be released to the market? Earn cash by expressing your political leanings? Or maybe play some social experiments on a computer? You can sign up for paid trials, focus groups at a local university or companies such as Focus Group and Fieldwork. The pay is typically a flat rate per project.



5. Tap In to Your Artistic Talents

Offer your creative chops on a job platform. For instance, if you're a skilled pianist, you could land a job playing at a real estate open house. Or if you can whip up an ace caricature within minutes, consider drawing caricatures of guests at a summer party. You can monetize your creative chops by scouring gigs on sites such as TaskRabbit or Upwork.


You can also try your hand at posting artwork on sites such as Society6 and Threadless. These platforms enable artists to experiment with different artistic mediums on different products. Slap a design or illustration on a t-shirt, mug or pillow to see what can be monetized.


Side hustling doesn't have to be boring or a chore. Trying your hand at gigs that are offbeat could not only put some extra cash in your wallet, but could add some fun and adventure to your summer.



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