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Annual Summary Statement
Barclays Ring Public Blog

As we all start preparation for Tax Season, have you taken a minute to view your Barclaycard Ring Annual Summary statement? It’s a nifty tool we’ve developed to help you breakdown and analyze your total spend over 2014. And a helpful look back on where your budget dollars were allocated to give you insights on where to make changes in 2015!


The monthly recap totals show you how much you spent on a variety of categories such as Automotive, Healthcare, Merchandise, Restaurants & Entertainment, Travel, Everyday Spending and others!


Below is a sample of the Annual Summary Overview. (Note: IE 8 and IE 9 users will load a PDF version of the annual summary on click. If you’re using a more modern browser, you will be able to experience the interactive (HTML version) shown below.

You might see the below pop up when you log in, this will take you directly to your Annual Summary Statement. If you don’t see this pop up, you can easily access the summary using this URL:


Or you can:

  1. Access your Account Summary page and click on the Activity & Statements icon (middle icon one)
  2. Click statements
  3. Then you will see a button to “Get your 2014 Annual Summary Statement.”

See below for a screen shot of these steps:



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