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Why are we calling this blog "Big Print"?

Because we want to shed some light on the small print you see in financial documents. By pulling back the curtain on how a credit card company really works, we can work together to be better.

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Barclaycard Ring Contest: We Have a Winner!
Barclays Ring Public Blog

In May, we asked our Innovation Lab Charter Members and Barclaycard Ring members to share their experiences and tell us why the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard was a smart decision for them. We asked cardmembers to tell us in 250 words (give or take), why they joined Barclaycard Ring, what they’ve learned from the experience and how they hope the community and card will evolve.


Last week, we announced our winner.


Congratulations to Andrew!AndrewAvatar.png

Check out Andrew’s story and learn why he joined Barclaycard Ring community:


When I saw what Barlcays was doing with the ring I instantly applied. I've had too much experience in the past with cards changing their terms arbitrarily; with little if any explanation given. I'm hoping that the inherent transparency in Ring will allow the community to work together and understand the card and credit better in general.

We may not always get what we want. But the fact that Barlcays is willing to listen to us and get our feedback makes it a winner in my book.


And, we want to thank all of the participants for submitting their stories as well. Your contributions were valuable and very insightful.

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