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Best Personal Finance Podcasts
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The Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Amy (Lynch) Wilde


For some, personal finance savvy comes naturally. But for most of us, it takes practice—and education—to learn to balance our budgets, pay off debts and save for the future. Personal finance podcasts can be a helpful tool to improve your knowledge about money matters and to help develop a financial plan that fits your life. Read on for a rundown of these popular personal finance podcasts:



Journey to Launch

Featured in TIME, Money Magazine, Business Insider and BuzzFeed, personal finance expert Jamila Souffrant has shown a knack for making smart financial decisions. Jamaica-born and Brooklyn-raised, the financial education instructor bought her first home at age 22, lives without debt and is on track to become financially independent by age 40, working only if she chooses.


Her podcast, Journey to Launch, shares the strategies she used to save and invest more than $80,000 in one year, making her way toward a job-optional life in which she enjoys the benefits of setting and reaching a lofty series of financial goals.



Bigger Pockets

Brandon Turner and David Greene are teeming with advice for anyone looking to invest in real estate projects. Since 2013, the BiggerPockets hosts have recorded more than 300 weekly episodes offering actionable tips for the laundry list of considerations that come with real estate investing.


From the hidden pitfalls of house-flipping to the nuts and bolts of working with multiple subcontractors, Turner and Greene bring in experienced guests to discuss topics like reading the market, selling a property and scaling a portfolio. The co-hosts also offer a series of video webinars for listeners who want to learn even more about the world of real estate return on investment (ROI).



Stacking Benjamins

With a healthy sense of humor, Stacking Benjamins hosts Doug, O.G. and Joe walk their podcast listeners through the ins and outs of debt reduction and wealth building with three episodes a week. The trio cuts through the usual personal finance clutter with topics like "lies money gurus tell," "dumb things smart people do with money" and "how to not blow your tax refund." 


Rather than claiming to offer a silver bullet approach to wealth, these straight-shooting financial experts call themselves a "gateway" podcast, offering an accessible entry point to the realm of personal finance and pointing listeners to other, more specific podcasts when they're ready to wade deeper.



His & Her Money 

Educators and authors Talaat and Tai McNeely know a thing or two about managing finances as a couple, and they have taken to the airwaves to share their knowledge with the world. Their podcast, His & Her Money, teaches couples how to build a healthy household budget, move beyond living paycheck to paycheck, drastically pay down debt and begin building sustainable wealth. 


Episode highlights include income strategist Nicole Waters coaching listeners on trading a six-figure salaried job for an entrepreneurial pursuit and a family of five explaining how they banded together to pay of $160,000 in debt in three years. This wide-ranging podcast speaks to listeners from one end of the economic spectrum to the other, offering inspiration to help them level up. 



Rise & Grind with Daymond John 

Most people know him from the hit TV show Shark Tank, but Daymond John was chosen as a "Shark" for a reason: The founder, investor, author, and motivational speaker has an estimated net worth of $250 million - all self-made. Since starting his first job at age 10 and later launching the clothing brand FUBU from his mother's house in 1992, John has earned the NAACP Entrepreneur of the Year Award and two Congressional Achievement Awards for entrepreneurship. 


On his podcast, Rise & Grind with Daymond John, he chats with highly successful peers like marketing executive Bozoma Saint John and fellow Shark (and real estate guru) Barbara Corcoran, candidly sharing their income and investment strategies with listeners. 




Smart Passive Income

For those who want to take their earning potential up a notch, Smart Passive Income offers a variety of ideas for generating extra income without exerting too much effort in the long run. Each episode focuses on the nuts and bolts of a specific side hustle or strategy, from buying and selling website domains to building a brand from a favorite hobby. 


Its founding principle: Work hard now to establish an ongoing influx of revenue, then sit back and reap the long-term benefits. For insights deserving a deeper dive, transcripts are downloadable for review. 



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