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COVID-19 – Helpful Tools
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Our thoughts continue to be with you during this challenging time. We apologize for the delay and the long hold times you’re experiencing reaching us online and by phone. We have expanded teams responding as quickly as we can to all customers seeking assistance during this unprecedented time. Sharing the information below to ensure you have all the information you need to manage your account as easily as possible, including step-by-step screenshots to help you locate and complete request forms.

Self-service online tools are available:


There are many online account management tools you can access from the comfort and safety of your own home, anytime you choose.


How to access your account online:


If you’ve never set up access to your account online, it is simple and easy to do:


  • After you get to our website, look for a link that says “Set up online access” which is located under the log in boxes.
  • You’ll need to have your credit card handy
  • We’ll ask you some standard questions to verify your identity.


Quick Guide for submitting:

  • Transaction disputes
  • Report Fraud
  • Request Payment Relief due to COVID-19

1. Log in to your account at the website listed on the back of your card


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2. Choose Contact Us (in the top blue navigation)


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3. Click “Payment Relief” form OR “Digital Forms” to access the Dispute or Fraud forms.


Payment Relief SS.jpg

Payment Relief 2 SS.jpg


“Digital Forms” provides you two options for disputes and fraud:


Digital Forms SS.jpg

Credit card and savings customers can use the mobile app:


You can quickly download the mobile app by searching for “Barclays US” or “Barclays US Savings” in your phone’s app store.

You can then access your account digitally at any time. Please note you can only request Payment Relief, Disputes, and Fraud on our website.


Account security
Visit our Security Center to review how we protect your account and how to protect yourself against phishing emails:


If you're ever in doubt about the validity of a phone call, email, or text you receive, DO NOT provide your personal information.


Please forward any suspicious emails that reference Barclays to


Update your contact details online:
We want to know how to reach you if necessary.


Log in to your online account and update your personal profile.

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