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Giveback™: Time to submit your charity ideas!
Barclays Ring Public Blog

We’re preparing for our 8th Giveback allocation for the period ending 3/31/2016. While the overall Giveback pool isn’t looking positive, we still wanted to let community members submit their charity partner ideas.


If you recall, our 7th Giveback period was not as positive as we would have hoped. However, we were thrilled to donate $2,020 to the charity winner and $1,000 each to the remaining four finalists!


The details for submitting the 8th Giveback charity partner ideas are noted below.


Note: If you submitted a charity idea previously, feel free to resubmit your idea  . And, don’t forget to champion each of your ideas; let the community know why you’re so passionate about your charity.


Action 1 – Submit  Your Charity IdeasNOW through March 7th

Now that we’ve reached the 8th Giveback allocation period, we want to let community members submit their charity partner ideas. Charity submissions will be accepted NOW through March 7th. Here’s is a little refresher on how to do that:


The charity project that you propose must be associated with a public 501c3 organization or a 501c3go organization (schools). We also strongly encourage you to choose a project that is not associated with an organization that may be considered controversial. Barclaycard cannot be seen as favoring one side of a controversial topic. For this reason we specifically ask that you not submit an idea related to a religious or political organization. We reserve the right to decline a charity project that we view to be too controversial.  We believe that even with that caveat there are many options to consider.


Submissions will be accepted now through March 7th. You can post your charity project ideas in the Charity Idea Submission Spring 2016 discussion thread. Click the "Start a Discussion" button at the top and fill in your headline (in the subject field and details in the 'Body'). This will help keep all of the ideas and information in one place.


Action 2 – Kudo other charities you’d like to give support NOW through March 7th

You will “give support” for an idea by giving it a kudo.  Kudo as many ideas as you want. Remember that, you can only kudo an idea once and once you kudo it, you can’t unkudo it.


Action 3 – Ideas will be Scored for and Voting

The scoring is pretty simple. Every kudo is worth a point. The idea will also get bonus points based on the submitting member’s community rank. An idea submitted by a bronze member will get 5 points. A silver member will get 10 points, a gold member 15 points, a platinum member 20 points, and a palladium member 25 points. (So, you can see, your rank has a lot of weight in the calculation. And, you have until the end of the voting period to increase your rank through community activity. So, now is a great chance to perform a few new activities in the community to help increase your rank!)


We will calculate the kudos and bonus points at the end of the day on March 7th. The submitting member’s community current rank on the last day of the kudoing period will be used.


HELPFUL TIP: If you’re more active in the community and performing a variety of activities (ie. posting a discussion thread, replying to an answer, asking a question, submitting an idea) you can increase your rank. By increasing your own personal rank (ie from Bronze to Gold) you will earn MORE points for your charity nomination!


Official Voting period: March 8th – March 31st

On March 8th, we will post the top 5 finalists (based upon their total point score) and package them together for a final official vote starting March 8th – March 31st.





So, submit your charity idea today! Charity submission timeline (and your ability to kudos other ideas) will close on March 7th with the official voting period for the top 5 submissions will be March 8th-March 31st. Any questions, let us know! (Note: The links above will only work for Barclaycard Ring cardmembers who log into



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