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Innovation Corner: Barclaycard Ring Digital Profile
Barclays Ring Public Blog

This week we're taking a look at our digital profile. We will be taking a look at Barclaycard Ring cardmembers' Mobile App usage, Mobile payments and online usage in 2013.


We analyzed the data from April through October of 2013 to look at Ring cardmember 'behaviors' as they related to online usage (visiting as well as Barclyacard mobile app usage. We determined the following (and thought a few nice visuals represent the story well):


Ring Comm_Digital Engagement_Graphic_V3_Page_1_small.jpg

Ring Comm_Digital Engagement_Graphic_V3_payments_small.jpg

Ring Comm_Digital Engagement_Graphic_V3_dollars_small.jpg

Ring Comm_Digital Engagement_Graphic_V3_Small.jpg


If you have questions about this data, let us know on our Facebook Page!

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