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Innovation Corner: Barclaycard US Mobile Website Launched
Barclays Ring Public Blog

We’re thrilled to announce the recent launch of the mobile optimized version of the Barclaycard US customer servicing site -- -- for iPhone and Android devices.




The mobile website currently offers optimized screens for all core servicing features -- including log in, account summary, transactions, payments, and card activation. 


The new website benefits cardmembers because it makes it easier and offers another way to service their accounts. It is a big advantage for mobile users looking for a more comprehensive service experience than regular mobile applications. “It provides customers most of the features on the desktop website, tailored specifically for their mobile device,” says Kris Dunbar, Mobile Marketing. 


Mobile is increasingly becoming the channel of preference for servicing needs.  “We expect that trend to continue,” said Kris.  “Forrester and eMarketer research shows that mobile usage will continue to grow, and is expected to be the preferred online channel over desktop by 2015.”


New functionality will be added every month through the end of the year.  As a complement to our suite of native apps (for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire devices), customers will now be able to choose how best to interact with us on their mobile devices. There are plans for future development to include accessibility to the Barclaycard Ring community through the mobile website.


Development of the mobile website was a collaborative initiative between the Digital Marketing and Technology teams, as well as the Innovation Lab.  This is another example of how Barclaycard US is working to become the ‘Go-To’ bank for consumers. 


Look for further updates from the Mobile Marketing team on new initiatives and projects.

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