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Because we want to shed some light on the small print you see in financial documents. By pulling back the curtain on how a credit card company really works, we can work together to be better.

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May Community Review: Exciting times in the Barclaycard Ring community!
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It’s been an exciting week within the Barclaycard Ring community! We’ve published our second monthly Financial Stats report. In comparing the performance of cardmembers credit card activity to the April numbers we are beginning to see some trends and the Giveback™ (our estimated share of profits program) remained fairly constant. There have been a lot of discussions by community members about next steps and ways we can foster ‘good card behavior’ for the community, such as encouraging paperless.


Within our “Influence” area there have been 30 new Ideas submitted this month by community members! The Barclaycard Ring team has analyzed a majority of these new ideas. We’ve updated the community on the status of researching and potentially implementing these ideas for card improvements or expanded services. Very exciting!


The Discussions area within the community is also vibrant with activity. Over 60 discussion threads started by community members have developed and cover a variety of topics such as, financial resources, debt management, budget tools, our financial stats and much more!


And, we’re looking forward to the next community decision. In our next vote community members will select a charity partner. After the partner is selected the community will then decide on a project to fund using a portion of their Giveback™ share.


If you’re interested in joining in the activity within Barclaycard Ring, you should Apply today!

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