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Why are we calling this blog "Big Print"?

Because we want to shed some light on the small print you see in financial documents. By pulling back the curtain on how a credit card company really works, we can work together to be better.

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Ring Community Closure Notification
Barclays Ring Public Blog

2020 was an unprecedented year, for every person, community, and company. It certainly was for Barclays as well. We delivered payment relief programs to over 640,000 global customers impacted by COVID-19 as well as hurricanes, wildfires, and more. We helped the most vulnerable populations by launching the $125 million Barclays’ COVID-19 Community Aid Package globally, including providing over 9 million meals to communities in need through Feeding America’s network of Food Banks across the US. And to keep our employees safe, we enabled 80% of our team to work from home.

Additionally, throughout the course of 2020, we have evaluated, evolved and adapted to changing business and customer needs. We have had to make some hard decisions and one of those is to close down this community. We did not make this decision lightly, most especially in light of how much we have enjoyed being on this financial health/education journey with you since 2012.

Some important specifics
The Community will remain open and accessible through March 2. After closure, this site will no longer be accessible. We will publish the 2020 Ring Financials within the Community in February. Future Ring Financial Reporting will be provided on the Ring Customer Website.

Ways to stay connected with us
While this form of engagement is ending, we want to stay connected with you. Here are ways to stay connected with us:
• Follow us on our social media accounts @BarclaysBankUS
• Download our mobile app via App Store or Google Play
• Visit our website at

Thank you for being a part of this community over the past years. We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2021.

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