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Top 5 Innovation Corners
Barclays Ring Public Blog

As 2013 winds down, we thought we’d take a look back at the Top 5 most popular innovations we’ve covered this year! And for newer community members, this is a great refresher on some popular topics.


Innovation Corner: Introducing Peek Mobile App

We introduced you to Peek, a new feature for the Barclaycard iPhone app. Peek allows you to change your app setting to create a "quick-view" option of key account details without having to login to the app.


Initially, the Peek feature was only accessible if you had one Barclaycard credit card, but we’ve since upgraded the app features and you should now be able to access all of your Barclaycard products from this app.


Innovation Corner: EMV or 'Chip Cards'

There were a lot of questions related to EMV in the community. For those who don’t know, EMV uses chip technology to offer additional security for verifying credit card transactions. Because a chip is embedded in the card, you may also hear it referred to as a “chip card” or “chip and PIN.”  We’re currently working on our chip card plan for Barclaycard Ring cardmembers (and our entire Barclaycard portfolio).  We don’t have a confirmed timeline yet. Trust that we are working on it and will give you updates along the way. Let us know if you have any questions. 


Innovation Corner: PayPass™ Wallet

What is PayPass Wallet and how does it work?

PayPass Wallet allows you to digitally store all of your payment information (including MasterCard and other brands) along with billing and shipping addresses, in one convenient and secure place. Once you register your information you can use it any time you’re online and see the PayPass symbol.


Innovation Corner: The Real Time Machines

In this popular blog, Jared talked about vinyl records, punkmoney and lithium

These three concepts, to him were about human connections and how technology is enabling us to go back in time. As technology becomes increasingly central to our day to day existence, there is a countertrend toward the less automated and, some would argue, more human days. The people behind these technologies have looked back at the way things used to work to examine how new technologies can bring the old ways back and improve upon them.


Innovation Corner: Contactless Payments

Our Guest Blogger, Eric Crozier is Senior Director of New Products at Barclaycard

talks about contactless payments. Ever wonder what those wavy lines on the front of your card are for?  Good news, I have the answer.  It’s an easier way to pay using contactless payments.  When you see this symbol at a merchant location you can simply tap your card and go. You hold on to your card the whole time and in many cases don’t even need to sign (under $50 purchase).


Hope you liked our recap this week. Remember, to review previously posted blogs, there are category links in the Blog Topics on the right side of the page. Or, you can always perform a key word search.


What was your favorite Innovation Corner blog post? Let us know concepts you'd like us to cover in 2014!

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