How the community works

Welcome to Barclays Ring Community! We’re changing the way that credit cards work. Barclaycard Ring is based on a few core principles: we believe customers deserve a simple credit card that's also a great deal. We believe that as a bank, we need our customers' ongoing feedback to make Barclaycard Ring even better. We think members should have a real say in how their credit card evolves over time. To get started, we've created a unique product, Barclaycard Ring, that is designed to change the way banks and customers have worked together in the past.

Barclaycard Ring starts with a credit card that offers simple long-term financial value with a foundation built on an online community so our cardmembers can start participating and we can get better—together. Here’s a glimpse inside the unique areas of our online community: 


Community members can start discussions by clicking the "Start a Discussion" button on the Discussions home page. Currently, there are four discussion categories: Card Basics, Community, "Track" Talk and Financial Health.


Our Track section includes Community stats which provide a community performance and activity summary every month that will compare current stats with prior month stats. This section also includes our Financial Stats where we review how we’re doing with profits and losses. This section provides a "big picture" of the card's overall financial performance and where you will be able to view our estimated profit and loss statements. The Financial Stats are updated monthly showing the previous month's financial activity. And, Track is also where our Giveback program lives. With Giveback™, we give you back a share of the Barclaycard Ring Mastercard’s estimated profits.

Giveback™ is a program that allows the community members to share in a portion of the Barclaycard Ring Mastercard program's estimated profits. Cardmembers' individual Giveback™ portion is based on various aspects of their account activity. Cardmembers receive Giveback™ when the overall Giveback™ pool is positive. Cardmembers can choose to keep their individual Giveback™, donate it to a charity or split it evenly between the two.


This section focuses on Ideas and Voting. The Ideas section is your opportunity to share ideas about the product or anything you think we might do better. Cardmembers can submit an Idea and they are reviewed by the Barclaycard Ring team. Each idea will be analyzed closely and feedback and a status update will be provided. Voting occurs as "Community Decisions." This is the area where we will ask the community to vote on particular issues and ideas.


Every week the Barclays Ring Community team posts a new blog article written by Barclays colleagues, industry experts, or other sources on topics relevant to the Ring product or other newsworthy items.